About Your Physicians:

Osteopathic Physicians of Orange County is a medical facility with independent physicians practicing the specialty of Osteopathic Manual Medicine. Using a multitude of treatment modalities based on traditional osteopathic philosophy, our goal is to help patients re-establish and maintain the natural relationships of their bones, muscles, membranes, tissues, and fluids within their body.

As traditional osteopaths, our ultimate goal is to help enhance the patient’s own natural healing processes and create balance through safe, gentle manipulative treatment. When one’s body is overwhelmed with stress, trauma, poor diet, and physical inactivity, the body as a whole is left restricted and diseased. We treat all age groups and family members with special emphasis on pregnancy and pediatrics.

Our training in osteopathy include: biodynamic, cranial osteopathy, myofascial release, counter strain, muscle energy, balanced ligamentous tension, balanced fluid tension, balanced membranous tension, and emotional release.